It’s time to get holistic with your health.

What is BodyTalk?

Our bodies naturally strive for optimal health and have an amazing ability to heal themselves. But when we encounter stress in our lives – through bad food, polluted air, lack of sleep, toxic relationships, work problems – our health takes a hit. Our body is trying to communicate its needs, but stress has interrupted that ability. That’s where BodyTalk comes in.

In BodyTalk, we strive to restore that communication. Through a form of muscle checking and tapping, we work together to get your body back to its natural state – one of optimal health.

Choose the perfect plan.

Health is unique to the individual. No two people are the same and everyone’s needs are different. That is why we have a variety of plans to ensure your needs are met and your goals are accomplished.



Whether you're trying out BodyTalk for the first time or you've completed a package and you're ready for more, we have you covered. Whatever the case and whatever you need to work on, we're here to help you in your journey to become the best version of yourself.

1 Distance Session



This package is designed for those who are ready to start their journey towards being the best version of themselves, but without a big commitment. Experience BodyTalk slowly to see the amazing impacts it will have on you. Your journey starts with One Step, and it starts right here.

Initial Consultation*

1 Distance Session



If you're ready for a bigger commitment to change, but aren't still 100% in, this is what you need. The continuation of receiving BodyTalk sessions is the key to building on the progress that you've made. Now is the time to keep pushing towards your goals.

Initial Consultation*

3 Distance Sessions

3 Progress Reviews



You're in. You're committed 100%. We're right here with you. This is our most in depth package, allowing you to get the most out of each session. Further sessions allow us to go even deeper to make bigger changes. You have unlimited potential and we will will help you tap into it.

Initial Consultation*

5 Distance Sessions

5 Progress Reviews

*A Distance Session can only be booked after an initial consultation has taken place. Please purchase a package first or contact us with any questions.

**Individual distance sessions are priced at $59 for adults and $49 for children under 12.

Got some questions? No problem!
Here's some FAQs we get.

BodyTalk is based on quantum physics, which states every cell in our body needs to know what every other cell is doing, to know what it itself should be doing. In the bigger picture, this is true with every cell in the universe. Every cell is in constant communication, therefore whether a client is physically present on my table or in a completely different country, they will get the exact same benefit from a session.

In preparation for the session, make sure you are somewhere quiet where you can rest and relax. During the session, you may feel “shifts” occurring. These feel different to every individual and can come in the form of temperature changes, physical sensations or emotions. These are common and generally pass when the session is finished. A distance session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Anything you want to work on can be addressed in a session. From physical ailments to mental illness to past traumas, BodyTalk covers it all. Examples include back pain, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, fears, stress, allergies and illnesses.

A Progress Review happens before each session between you and Teanna to discuss your progress. It’s also a good time to see if there is anything new your next session needs to focus on. A typical review like this take 10-15 minutes, and Teanna will contact you directly before your sessions begins.

Even when you know the right amount of the right food to eat at the right time, it isn’t always easy to put into practice. BodyTalk can help to balance many of the deeper issues or beliefs you may have that are impeding your nutrition goals, such as stress eating, comfort foods and sugar cravings.

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